Name: David Trumble

Company: Emmett    


Social Media Handles (Twitter / Facebook): 



Team/Age Group(s) sponsoring: Thurlby Black 11-12 year olds, Emmett Kit, I think the Discover Kale kit has been reused for under 10’s.


Thank you for sponsoring the team/club. Why did you decide to do so? Healthy activity and Healthy eating are a great sponsoring fit.


What have been, or what do you expect to be, the benefits of sponsorship for your business? Simply making people aware of Emmett as a business, we are a large employer in the Spalding area.


What services does your business provide, and how can people get in touch? We farm and pack vegetables (Spinach, Leeks and Kale) for the big Supermarkets, people do not need to get in touch, just eat their greens. 


Tell us about your ‘stand out’ Thurlby Tigers moment.  The strength of the Thurlby Tigers is the coaches, they bring all players together, never discriminate on ability and only ever encourage. It is like a family.