Football coach – Ellis O’Connell

Ellis is one of our football coaches at Thurlby Tigers.

Meet Ellis…


Marketing Manager.

Position(s) Held for the Club


Length of Time in Position

7 years.

What do you enjoy most / least about the role you play for the club?

Seeing the players develop and enjoy their football.

Coaching Qualification(s)

FA Level 2.

Why did you join Thurlby Tigers FC?

7 years.

What is your favourite Tigers memory?

The first ever game I managed.

What Professional Team do you Support?


Who did / do you play football for?

Rippingale & Folkingham FC.

Biggest game you’ve ever played in or coached?

A few Cup games vs Semi Pro players.

Coaching or Playing? And Why?

Coaching, the enjoyment of seeing the players progress.

Who is/was your footballing hero?

Nadjim Abdou (Ex Millwall player) he never stopped moving, technically not the best but gave 110%.

What three things would you take on a desert island and why? 
  • Phone to ring for help
  • Bed for comfort
  • My golf clubs as it seems a good time to get some much needed practice in!
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