Football coach – Jake Chapman

Jake is our football coaches and Thurlby Tigers.

Meet Jake…


Graphic Designer.

Position(s) held for the club

Football Coach.

What do you enjoy most / least about the role you play for the club

Most – Seeing the kids enjoy playing football.
Least –  Too early to say.

Coaching Qualification(s)

FA Playmaker, Talent ID level 1.

Why did you join Thurlby Tigers FC?

To get into coaching and help myself and the club improve.

How long have you been associated to and volunteering for the club?

Since 2022.

What is your favourite Tigers memory?

Too early to say.

What Professional Team do you Support?

Manchester United.

Who did / do you play football for?

Ketton FC (Current).
Previously: Boston Town, Bourne Town, Langtoft & ICA Sports. (MENS).

Biggest game you’ve ever played in or coached?

FA Youth cup away for Spalding United – Was under the lights mid-week after school and on a carpet of a pitch.

Coaching or Playing? And Why?

2 Months ago I would have definitely said playing but already seeing the difference and smiles of the group makes coaching that little bit more special. Also not being able to complete a full season over the past 4 years taints my love for playing.

Who is/was your footballing hero?

It was always David Beckham growing up – I’m always remind that whenever I used to kick the ball when I was younger that I always used to yell David Beckham Super Kick.

What three things would you take on a desert island and why?
  • Phone – not for the social side – but for my audiobooks to makes the days go much quicker
  • My dog – there’d be plenty of walking to do I’m sure
  • A football, hours of entertainment for me and the dog!
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