Football coach – John Harrison

John is one of our football coaches at Thurlby Tigers and really enjoys seeing the progress each player makes and the impact our coaching teams have on their performance.

Q&A with Jon…



Position held for the club

Football Coach.

Length of Time in Position

3 Years.

What do you enjoy most / least about the role you play for the club?

I have really enjoyed seeing the progress each player makes and seeing the impact of our coaching on the teams performance. No downsides, we are fortunate as we coach a really smashing groups of lads.

Coaching Qualification

Level 2.

Why did you join Thurlby Tigers FC?

Probably like many I began as a parent and jumped in when the opportunity presented itself.

How long have you been associated to and volunteering for the club?

7 years.

What is your favourite Tigers memory?

It is difficult to choose one as we have been fortunate to win tournaments and play in the higher local leagues. We have also enjoyed some great non football days out including the water park at Rutland Water.

What Professional Team do you Support?


Who did / do you play football for?

Lancaster University, Ancaster, Osbournby.

Biggest game you’ve ever played in or coached?

Cup Final at Lancaster University (I scored the winning penalty not that my kids have ever heard about it…)

Coaching or Playing? And Why?

I love coaching but always playing.

Who is/was your footballing hero?

Adrian Heath (ex-Everton, small, talented and tenacious).

What three things would you take on a desert island and why?
  • Computer
  • Power Pack
  • Sensible Soccer
bsh recycling
origin storage
why design
messenger bcr group
smiths nissan
polysafe barriers and blocks