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Ground information

Thurlby Tigers F.C. would like to welcome you to our club and hope the information we have provided on this page is useful.  Please feel free to share the link to this page with your coaching staff, parents, carers and players.

Match day pitch layout and facilities

lawrance park pitch layout

Lawrance Park

Thurlby Tigers F.C. provides one pitch each for 11 v 11, 9 v 9, 7 v 7 and 5 v 5 games at our Lawrance Park ground. Your Thurlby Tigers F.C. coach can provide details of which pitch you will use shown here.

Refreshments are available most match days (from 9 – 11.30) where we serve hot beverages including tea, coffee, hot chocolate and soup as well as cold drinks, snacks and confectionary. Help raise funds for the local community and LPCHA.

Match day parking

TTFC parking options

TTFC parking options

If you’re attending a home game at Lawrance Park we have three parking options. We encourage you to use;

A – Lawrance Park (PE100EZ) car park (40 vehicle capacity) as your first option, followed by

B – The Methodist Chapel (PE100EE) car park (30 vehicle capacity).

Please only consider roadside parking if parking in the other two locations is unavailable.

Please be respectful and mindful of residents when using roadside parking, avoid parking on bends ensuring access for emergency vehicles is not compromised and do not park within coned off areas.

Walk to lawrance park

TTFC ‘Park & Walk’

Car parking available at Methodist Chapel (PE100EE)

Due to the limited parking available at Lawrance Park, Thurlby Tigers have an agreement with the Methodist Church on the High Street to use their Car Park on Saturday mornings.

If you are attending a match or session please consider parking here to reduce congestion at Lawrance Park and follow the short 5min walk highlighted here on our map.

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