pass-ins will keep the ball on the pitch longer

Heading in U7-U11 youth grassroots football matches to be phased out over the next three seasons

In 2022, the FA became the first national association to successfully adopt the International Football Association Board (IFAB) trial to remove deliberate heading in grassroots football matches at U12 level and below.

They introduced the IFAB trial in England following their steps to bring in heading guidance in youth football in 2020, and then the implementation of heading guidance in training across every level of the professional and amateur game in 2021.

After two seasons of the IFAB trial in English football, they will now introduce a new rule to phase out deliberate heading in matches in all affiliated grassroots youth football between U7-U11 level over the next three seasons. This includes all leagues, clubs and any affiliated school football matches – starting with U7-U9 level from the 2024-25 season, then increasing to include U10 level from 2025-26, and U11 level from 2026-27.

From the start of the 2024/25 season for U7-U9 teams, they will be rolling out deliberate header restarts, touchline restarts and removing sanctions in the event of a deliberate header in a match.

Click the link to read the full statement and learn how the rule will be implemented.

Deliberate header restart law

Introducing pass-ins and dribble-ins

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