DofE volunteer opportunities at Thurlby Tigers FC

DofE Volunteer opportunity at Thurlby Tigers

Over the years we’ve offered several DofE volunteer opportunities at our club. We make them feel welcome, reaching out to schools and Duke of Edinburgh representatives to proactively offer opportunities with us. These young leaders support the club immensely with coaching sessions, officiating and administrative tasks, web and social media. We are all volunteers but we’ve some great success stories here…..

Ben Gough was looking for DofE volunteer opportunities and joined the club on 2013 as a Duke of Edinburgh volunteer…. he has now spent 6 years with the club, been recognised by the club for awards and supported through his early coaching qualifications. Ben has two great mentors who continue to work with him as he looks to complete his college education and seeks a profession within the game. He now runs our U5/6 session sharing his experience with our latest group of DofE volunteers. Here is what Ben had to say about his experience…..

“I started my DofE volunteering at 13, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Thurlby as a volunteer, the Club was very welcoming and has a great ethos. As a volunteer I was made to feel important to the team I was working with, delivering sessions and referring mini games. Since my DofE experience, I have continued with the club and been supported by the club in my pursuit of developing my coaching, with the club helping me through my FA Level 1 and FA Level 1 Futsal course. I am now running the U5/6 Academy on Saturday mornings alongside one of my FAL2 mentors.”

Alex Sinfield completed his DofE volunteering with our U7s last season, here’s what he had to say….

“I recently completed my DofE Bronze Award in part thanks to Thurlby Tigers U7s and their coach Tim Palmer. This was a great way to complete my volunteering section at a place I was welcomed from day one.

I helped coach the U7s alongside Tim as well as being given the opportunity to run training drills by myself. Later in the season I was given the responsibility to referee the boys matches in mini tournaments. I really enjoyed the season with the U7s and I intend to carry on helping in the new season.”

Archie who volunteers for the last 18 months with Academy. Club has funded his refereeing as a result to support his continued development.

“I began my Thurlby volunteering when I was 14. Helping out with the children has helped my boost my confidence in working with kids and has caused me to becoming interested in being a coach. Volunteering with the children has helped me work better with them and has made me want to become a referee to ensure that the kids can develop as football players. Helping out has helped me learn more about the game and I have enjoyed every minute of it and it gives me something to look forward to on the weekend.”

Charlie Wise played for Thurlby Tigers U16s.

“As part of my recent Bronze  DofE I completed my volunteering at Thurlby Tigers with the Academy, a club that I have been part of for over ten years. I wanted to give something back to somewhere that had helped me. I wanted to contribute to the club and encourage young players to enjoy their football ,as I have. It has also given me confidence on and off the pitch. I have really enjoyed being involved with the coaches part and helping to set up and carry out drills, but the best thing is the interaction with the players.It doesn’t feel long ago that I was in their position and I want them to enjoy their time at the club as I have. So much so that I have just returned to do my Silver DofE.”

For more information, read our DofE information pack.

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