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TTFC at Hillsborough

Winning performance

To close off season 22-23, Thurlby Tigers were extremely proud of some League Winning performances, Cup Runs extraordinaire and some amazing player and team development. We hope that you’re all ready for a new season for even more success!

Remember, if you want news plastered on the front page (like this amazing trip to Sheff Weds organised by the U12 Coaches at Hillsborough last season) please send photos and a little detail to [email protected]*

Welcome to the new Season and good luck to all TTFC Teams!

Just like that, the Summer has finished (minus the sunshine!) and all the kids are back at school already. We hope that you all had a good break over the holidays and that you are excited to start your new season with Thurlby Tigers!

If you are a new player or a new team, welcome! We hope your amazing football journey starts here.

Enjoy a hot drink during the match


Remember on Saturdays to bring a few pennies or your smartphone / debit card for a hot drink and refreshments in the Community Centre.


From the chairman

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Introducing (our new) Chairperson: Chris Seggie

Welcome to our first TTFC Newsletter.

I am delighted to have been appointed as the new Chairman of Thurlby Tigers Football Club. I have been involved with the club since 2013 and I am passionate about seeing it continue to succeed.

I know that I have big shoes to fill, as my predecessor, Derek Bell, did a fantastic job in steering the club in recent years. However, I am confident that I have the skills and experience to continue the club’s upward trajectory.

I have been involved with the club for many years, both as a committee member, coach and fan/parent. 2023 and I’m back coaching with the newly formed U17s team. I know the club inside out and I am committed to doing everything in my power to ensure that it continues to be a success.

One of my main priorities will be to continue to develop the club’s junior and youth teams. We have a lot of talented young players at the club and I want to give them the best possible opportunity to reach their full potential.

I also want to build on the strong relationship that the club has with the local community. We are a community club and we are committed to supporting the local area.

I am excited about the future of Thurlby Tigers Football Club and I am confident that we can achieve even more success in the years to come.

Thank you to everyone for their support. Together, we can make Thurlby Tigers a club that the whole community can be proud of.

chris seggie ttfc facilities secretary

Chris Seggie.



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I will set a positive personal example by promoting good behaviour

We only do positive

Click below, to understand a little more about how our coaches are supported in maintain a consistent coaching ethos:

Coaching ethos

who we are

Thurlby Tigers are extremely proud of our ethos and culture; Safe, Positive and Fun for all ages.

We respect our roots as a community and village Club and promote the development of all players, irrespective of their ability.

The club advocates the RESPECT campaign and with regard to equality and inclusion it is an absolute commitment of the club that no child is ever excluded from playing football for reasons of gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion, sexual orientation or perceived ability as a footballer.

Respect –

As a parent we ask that you are part of the TTFC positive and respectful culture at all times. This includes adhering to the Code of Conduct agreed by all of the TTFC Community at the start of the season. Take a look at all of the Codes of Conduct and policies using the buttons below.

We only do positive, family friendly football, respect for all.

Codes of conduct
TTFC policies
TTFC 'park and walk'

A quick reminder…

Thurlby Tigers now have an agreement with the Methodist Church on the High Street to use their Car Park on Saturday mornings. If you are attending a match or session today and are familiar with the area, please consider parking here to reduce congestion at Lawrance Park.



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“Am I allowed to take photos or videos during a match or training?”

Simply put, yes, but only with express permission from the coaches of both teams.

It is a misconception that simply saying ‘I won’t share it on social media’ is ok, but as a Club we respect the wishes of all parents & carers and therefore if taking any images or videos; then permission should be granted by representatives of both Clubs.

“What should I do if I see someone taking photos or videos from another Club?”

Avoid confrontation if appropriate and raise the matter to the TTFC Coach(es). Hopefully a prior request has been submitted and agreed, if not, the Coaches have the authority of the Club, and indeed the FA to request immediate cessation of the recording / photography if a child within that team has been identified to them previously as not to be photographed / recorded. Any incidents should then be reported to [email protected]

We know You will have the best intentions at heart, but there’s an important message to consider.

Thurlby Tigers Football Club is committed to ensuring that children are safe at all times. We take measures to ensure that we not only respect the wishes of some parents / carers to not have images taken of their children on personal devices, but we also protect children whose identity and / or name is not to be shared or published for additional protection.

TTFC share details of any specific request from parents / carers at the start of the season with coaches to ensure we can safeguard individuals appropriately.


Full FA guidance on photography…



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Your opinion

Please tell us how we’re doing so we can continue to improve!

Help develop our practice

Please complete our feedback survey (you can do so anonymously if you wish) to let us know how we’re doing as a football club. We’d really appreciate your feedback so thank you for affording us the time to complete it, your feedback means a lot.

If you ever need to speak to a member of the Committee look out for people wearing White TTFC Polo Shirts on Matchdays. If you can’t find them and want to talk to us, you can contact us here.


Please take 5 minutes to complete our survey.




Who is recorded as reaching the highest ever speed in a football match? (Hint – 37kmph!)

Kyle Walker (Man City)


Which Club has won the Champions League (all names sake) the most times?

Real Madrid (5)


Who was the first ever men’s team to win the World Cup? (Bonus point for the year!)

Uruguay (1930)


Who was the first ever Women’s team to win the World Cup? (Bonus point for the year!)

USA (1991)



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Getting the best out of your positions for coaches, parents and players…

Player roles and responsibilities



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Make your organisation the talk of the town!

Sponsor our next newsletter and we’ll include your company logo in the masthead, your ad in our partners listing and a section in the next newsletter dedicated to your business.

For more details and to book your space contact:
[email protected] to book your space and detail.


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You can find the contact details of the Committee Members or Club Members via email on the details provided on the website at any time. Select the image above or click below:

*TTFC will never publish images and / or names of players without express permission from parents / carers