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Benefits of Sponsorship

Thurlby Tigers Football Club is only able to serve the children of our community through the generous support of local sponsors. These donations give children the opportunity to thrive within a positive team environment.


Since our club relies heavily on the generosity of (individuals/companies) like you. We would like you to consider supporting our club with a sponsorship partnership or even a monetary gift to ensure our club continues to support the great children in our community.


Help keep down the cost of our yearly fees. Player participation fees cover the majority of the costs within our youth teams but support from sponsors provides additional resources which can help keep participation fees low. With lower fees, more families are able to afford to sign up and that means more children being able to receive the many benefits of playing for our great club.

Increase Brand awareness. By supporting and sponsoring us, we probably won’t triple your turnover, or double your profits. But it will increase your brand to people you may not already reach.

Satisfaction. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a youth football team play, with your brand on the front of their shirts. We invite all our sponsors to come along to have pictures taken with the team, and we’ll of course use these for our website and social media channels too, we encourage you to also.

It’ll also be great for your companies corporate social responsibility, showing that you support local youth sport in your community.

We are open to discuss any suggestions you may have in regards to making sponsorship work for both of us. 

Get in touch to discuss the options.