Eat ya Fajita

Eat ya Fajita sponsor our U’11s Black team.

eat ya fajita
authentic mexican cuisine

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Team/Age Group(s) sponsoring

U’11s Black.

Thank you for sponsoring the team/club. Why did you decide to do so?

It’s our son’s football team and its something he is really passionate about. So we wanted to support and help out when we can, it also enables us to promote our newly founded business and enhance our corporate social responsibility.  

What have been, or what do you expect to be, the benefits of sponsorship for your business?

Advertising, brand recognition, and spreading the word about our business.

Tell us about your ‘stand out’ Thurlby Tigers moment.

We simply love to come and support our child and see all of the children develop their football and life skills in a safe enjoyable environment. Seeing the children’s enjoyment and pride in their achievements.

What services does your business provide, and how can people get in touch?

We are a Mexican food truck and are contactable on: social media (Facebook & Instagram) also on 07843210560 or


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