Meet the TTFC Football Development Officer

Chris has been a Thurlby Tigers football coach for seven years and has recently been appointed as our new Football Development Officer.

Chris Binns


Plumbing And Heating Engineer.

Position(s) held for the Club

Under 12’s Coach/Manager, Football Development Officer.

Length of Time in Position

7 Years Coaching/Managing, 1 Year Football Development Officer.

What do you enjoy most / least about the role you play for the club?

Most – Enjoyment of seeing the junior’s development and playing football, whether that at the top division or bottom division. It’s all about the enjoyment factor. Only the lucky/select few make it as a professional football so all juniors need to play for enjoyment. Passing on information that I got told and seeing the boys do well will always be a highlight of my coaching career.

Least – As a coach there is always the rough with the smooth. But being open minded and seeing everyone views is the most important. Trying to please everyone in your team/club can be difficult at times but that is just part and parcel of the role you undertake.

Coaching Qualification(s)

FA Level 1, FA Level 2 about to be taken (Covid knocked this back for 2 years).

Why did you join Thurlby Tigers FC?

My friend, Ellis, got asked if he wanted to get into coaching. Ellis accepted the opportunity and after finding out, I was very keen to get involved and do the job with him. Since then, we have been a very strong management team together. After playing football with Ellis, we have plenty of ideas to pass onto the lads from our experiences.

Ellis and I appreciate all the managers we had in our time and how much time they took to give us the opportunity to play football and both of us wanted to give some of our time back to the FA and the up and coming footballers in our surrounding area.

How long have you been associated to and volunteering for the club?

8 years.

What is your favourite Tigers memory?

The first training session and match we took. Also, when finding out we were playing Division 1 football when moving to competitive leagues. Makes the coaching worthwhile knowing you’re giving the players the best opportunity and seeing the boys doing the club and most importantly themselves proud.

What Professional Team do you Support?

Peterborough United.

Who did / do you play football for?

Junior career from Under 6’s – Under 13’s I played for Rippingale Rover JFC. Team folded after winning the league, trialled with Peterborough Sports Under 14’s and was accepted. This was all new to me as only 3 of us from Rippingale went to play in Peterborough as the rest of the squad either quit or joined Bourne. I spent Under 14’s – Under 18’s playing for Peterborough Sports, including the Under 18’s midweek league. During the back end of the under 16’s season, I played for Peterborough Sports ‘A’ team, breaking into the reserves at 17 before making my UCL Division 1 debut. With being so young, playing for the first team was a privilege and making as many appearances as possible was difficult with having a high-quality squad, I was in and out of the reserves and first team. Unfortunately, I got injured at 19 years old and developed a condition in my knee which set me back for 4 years before returning to football. I returned to playing for Rippingale And Folkingham before Covid and then Thurlby Tigers after covid.

Biggest game you’ve ever played in or coached?

There have been a few games I have played in. Peterborough Sports Vs Netherton Under 18’s was always a tasty affair. Winning 3-1 in a semi-final of the cup was an amazing feeling especially after going onto winning the cup final. A few more cup finals along the way as well but nothing more than a derby win can top it. Having the opportunity to play against elite academies at unreal facilities, including West Ham and Stevenage (didn’t enjoy the battering we took). Obviously, my debut at UCL Division 1 was a very big game for me personally.

Coaching or Playing? And Why?

I enjoy both, playing and coaching. Both elements of the game are something I am passionate for, and I have the mentality of giving my all and trying to excel. Obviously getting injured didn’t help that matter while playing, but when able to it takes your mind off anything from the outside of the sport, whether that’s personal reasons or work-related stress. Also playing with mates and seeing them excel when juniors and going onto playing for academies. Coaching is just another element of giving everything you have learnt during the years of playing the beautiful game we love to the juniors, the upcoming talent and seeing them succeed and strive to being their best is the best feel-good factor. Seeing players improve during the years makes you want to do it more and more. 

Who is/was your footballing hero?

David Beckham. An unreal talent. Technical ability was top notch.

What three things would you take on a desert island and why?
  • Phone. Obviously to get in contact to anyone or in case of an emergency
  • Swim Shorts. We all love a dip with a perfect beautiful ocean view
  • Memorabilia of all the important people in my life
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