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Thurlby Tigers U9’s

If you’ve got a football mad son or daughter who’d like to try playing for a local club, then Thurlby Tigers are just what you’re looking for… a fun and inclusive Bourne football club for Year 4 children.

Getting started

At U9’s continue to develop teamwork and positional play through playing regular matches. We maintain our philosophy on rotating positions throughout the season to ensure children are offered equal to fair playing time. Emphasis is placed on learning the game and rewarding performance and effort over winning. 

During Summer months training takes place at Lawrance Park in Thurlby. Winter training takes place at either Stamford, Borderville or Elsea Park, all sessions are time appropriate for the age group. Matches are typically scheduled for Saturday mornings (9.30am, 10.30am or 11.30) and some of the age groups are currently split into 3 teams, Oranges, Blacks and whites creating a little inter-club rivalry! 

We currently have three U9 football teams

Coaching team: Adam Matthews, Paul Clark, Nick Skelton

Coaching team: Lewis Brampton, Tom Henessey

Coaching team: Aidan Finn, Matt Medler

Meet Aidan

Interested in playing?

If you’re looking for a fun and inclusive football club for year 4 children, look no further! Simply email me, I’ll be in touch to arrange coming to a training session.

Whilst there may not be space available initially to play on match days, you can still become one of our growing number of ‘training players’. For just £2 a session anyone is welcome to come along and train with the team until a space is available.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Interested in playing for our Bourne football club for year 4

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What others say about our Bourne football club for year 4

What others say…

“We choose Thurlby Tigers for both our sons, they attended Thurlby school so it seemed the natural choice. It has always been a very welcoming club which made our choice easy. We think Thurlby Tigers is a very inclusive club where everyone is given a go regardless of their ability. A club where the coaches love what they do and are great role models.”

Katy (Parent)

More info…

All you need to know about your next match.


The latest info on COVID-19 and Grassroots Football.


Football should be enjoyed in a safe, positive environment.


Welfare and safeguarding is our first priority.


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