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Our coaches ensure football is fun whilst striving to improve the player’s individual skills


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Enjoyable football coaching for all learning styles

Our F.A. Qualified Coaches are committed to delivering a high level of coaching for all learning styles to ensure the player can not only develop their football but also their person via the F.A. four corner approach.

Coaching Ethos

The playing members and their welfare/safeguarding are the most integral part of Thurlby Tigers FC and therefore coaches should aim to provide a fun, friendly environment in which to learn, develop and enjoy competitive football. 

Our coaches ensure football is enjoyable by making training sessions fun and age appropriate, while striving to improve the player’s individual skills and team development. They encourage fair play and teamwork whilst maintaining discipline within the squad and should be able to give praise and offer constructive criticism when required. Coaches should set a good example in their behaviour at matched and training.

Confident, Creative, Clever football

All of our coaches should aim to make the game safe, fair and enjoyable whilst providing age-appropriate coaching (5-11, 12-16, 17+) to develop the whole player across all four corners of the Football Association’s LTPD model.

Throughout our club from U5’s to Adult football we have adopted a playing philosophy which all of our coaches encourage and promote;

Confident, Creative, Clever football. 

Our approach to football coaching aims to:

  • Improve the player’s movement skills: agility, balance, co-ordination and speed. 
  • Develop the player’s technical skills. 
  • Increase the player’s decision-making capabilities. 
  • Teach the player life skills (co-operation, teamwork, communication and friendship).

Coaches Qualifications

As a minimum, all our coaches will undergo the following courses; 

  • FA Introduction to Coaching Football / FA Playmaker Award
  • FA Emergency Aid 
  • FA Safeguarding Children Workshop 
  • All our coaches have Enhanced FA CRB checks. 

We also encourage our coaches to become FA Coaches Club members and register for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to ensure coaches are up-to-date with the latest methods and they maintain their coaching license.

Coaches Behaviour

All coaches are expected to undertake a positive approach to mentoring, motivating, facilitating and teaching the players of their respective teams. Our coaches are aware that they are in a position to act as positive role models for the club and positivity is the key to our success and we pride ourselves on positive forms of communication and leadership. 

All coaches will be required to regularly participate in the clubs Coaching Forum (approx. 4 per season) and an open-minded, respectful, interactive & positive attitude is expected. 

On the touchline

All of our Coaches and members are expected to enbrace and encourage the Respect Code of Conduct and ensure that;

  • Players must be free to play during matches, with positive encouragement from parents and coaches. 
  • Information from the touchline should be in the form of questions from the coaches only. 
  • Patrolling the touchline giving continuous shouted instructions must not happen, instead utilising guided discovery and other methods to support our playing members.
  • Players always try their best and will learn from their mistakes without being told they have done wrong. 

Long Term Player Development (LTPD) 

Putting the player first and offering age appropriate opportunities for children to enjoy the game of football. Making the game fun and enjoyable is key in coaching, mso that players will continue in the game.

The club defines success as improving players and teams over time, by rewarding performance and effort rather than just the result. Learning to accept defeat is an important life skill.

Variety is key

Players can benefit from playing a variety of positions; this can help them gain a rounded understanding of the game. Some children prefer to specialise in specific positions or try for a sustained period of time. Good coaching is recognising what is best for the player.

Small sided games (SSG’s) in training allow more touches on the ball and can be used to coach many different skills and tactics by using conditioned rules – they are also far more fun than standing in lines waiting or running without a ball.

What others say…

Enjoyable football coaching

“J really wanted to play football for a team,  I heard from others the coaches were really good. The coaching team give him a chance and he loved it, hes grown in confidence and never looked back. Thurlby Tigers is a football club that cares.”

Karen (Parent)

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