Dale Falkner

Dale is one of our football coaches at Thurlby Tigers, where we provide a safe and fun environment to learn the basics of football.

What is your profession?

Firefighter & Fire Safety Officer.

​Why did you join Thurlby Tigers FC?

After years at higher tier clubs working with junior teams, I wanted to come back to a proper grassroots club that was fun & inclusive for all abilities.

What positions(s) do you hold within the club?

Kit Manager & Coach

Which coaching qualifications do you have?

FA Level 2 coaching award & FA Level 1 Futsal

What do you enjoy most/least about the role you play for your club?

Most – I enjoy going down early to before our training sessions and seeing a hive of activity across the park with all sorts of cone patterns being laid out & watching how much effort the coaches put into their team’s sessions

Least – Least favourite part of my role is having to sort the equipment shed most weeks!

What is your favourite Thurlby Tigers memory?

It will continue to be my greatest Thurlby Tigers memory for a number of years, but a Cantona style volley from outside the box to win the cup semi final 1-0 in the dying moments to send our team to the final.

Which professional team do you support?


Who have you played football for?

Stamford AFC, Bourne Town & Pointon.

What is the biggest game you have ever played in or coached?

Biggest game I played in was the FA Vase for Bourne Town but also Culverthorpe Cup final for Pointon. Thurlby Tigers cup final against Hampton would be the biggest game I have coached.

Which do you prefer, coaching or playing? Why?

Both, as you can learn a lot in your own game by what you coach the children.

Who is your footballing hero?

Robbie Fowler.

​What three things would you take on a desert island and why?
  • Hat – to protect my head
  • Hammock – to relax
  • fishing rod – so I can eat.
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