Phil Davies

Phil is one of our football coach at Thurlby Tigers, helping as many children as possible enjoy the game away from an Xbox or Playstation!

What is your profession?

Financial Services Consultancy / Project Management.

Why did you join Thurlby Tigers FC?

I watched from afar allowing another parent to coach my eldest offering support when needed. When the time came for my youngest wanting to start the position was apparently I’m told by parents “already mine!”.

Took on the role of Secretary and with a number of others feel we have really taken the club forwards to the next level.

What positions(s) do you hold within the club?

Football Coach, Welfare Officer, and Secretary.

Which coaching qualifications do you have?

Level 2, Futsal L1, GK Level 2, YM1 and YM2, Talent ID L1 and Phycology in Sport L1.

What do you enjoy most/least about the role you play for your club?

Most – Seeing the club develop into a real community club, helping as many children as possible enjoy the game away from an Xbox or PS!

Least – The closed season break when everyone thinks it’s quiet downtime… For Secretaries that’s the busiest period.

What is your favourite Thurlby Tigers memory?

Difficult there are so many, but watching back the videos of the kids aged 5/6 to where they are now provides a great sense of reward and achievement.

Which professional team do you support?

Blackburn Rovers through thick and thin… we’ve still won as many Premier League titles as Liverpool (for now!).

Who have you played football for?

Didn’t grow up round the area but played until I was 18 for many sides. Played locally (briefly) for Baston FC back in 2005/6 and knocked a ball around playing 5-a-side.

What is the biggest game you have ever played in or coached?

Played in U18 county cup final (we won 2-0). Coached…. Several cup final wins with Baston and had my hand in league title wins also. TTFC cup final (U12) and league win for my side during U14 season.

Which do you prefer, coaching or playing? Why?

Playing, I would always say play for as long as you possibly can. Nothing gives the buzz as much, coaching comes a close second.

Who is your footballing hero?

Two, the two Pauls… Gascoigne (simply the best English player I’ve been fortunate to have seen play) and Scholes (Better than both Gerrard and Lampard and done an injustice by England management being shunned on the left).

​What three things would you take on a desert island and why?
  • My Ipad (to keep-up-to-date with the real world)
  • Sun tan lotion (I burn at the sight of the sun)
  • Cheese and lots of it!
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