Sell products and provide technical advice on a range of items to improve green spaces.

ProGreen Weed Control and Ground Care
ProGreen Fertilizer

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Thank you for sponsoring the team/club. Why did you decide to do so?

Local team, staff involvement with this year group and a good opportunity to make ourselves known to a local market. My son also played so of all the teams I knew about The Tigers the best.

What have been, or what do you expect to be, the benefits of sponsorship for your business?

Local recognition and enhanced reputation with wider community of which we’ve been a part of for 11 years.

Tell us about your ‘stand out’ Thurlby Tigers moment.

None yet – hopefully many more to come and a successful season for all…

What services does your business provide, and how can people get in touch?

We sell products and provide technical advice on a range of items to improve green spaces, tidy up weeds and clean outdoor hard surfaces. Customers range from domestic gardens to commercial businesses, maintenance companies, schools, clubs and everyone else with an outdoor space.

Weedkillers, fertilisers, grass and paddock seed, hard surface cleaners for patios, walls and roofs, spray equipment, specialist cleaning items and land based training in pesticide application, rodent control, diggers, brushcutters, etc.

We ship nationwide or customers can collect from our Bourne store. We have BASIS qualified staff to offer product advice and an approved BASIS approved chemical store

Orders can be on the internet:, by phone: 01778 394052 and enquiries by email: [email protected]

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